PROMOTIONS+ allows viewers to use their remote control to set a reminder to watch their favorite shows. Viewers can receive a reminder on their smartphone to watch any show several minutes before it airs. PROMOTIONS+ can also be used to send a link to download a mobile app, TV Everywhere app or social media pages directly to the viewer’s phone.

  • Increased effectiveness of promotional inventory with greater tune-in/viewership through custom reminders and instant app downloads

  • True audience data reflecting every interaction, not a sample

  • Number of impressions, number of leads, and number of text messages sent

  • Geographic mapping of responses  

Connecting Viewers to Programmer Content

Using legacy and SmartTV capabilities, Ensequence empowers existing promotions to directly engage viewers. 


We track and deliver impressions and fulfillment data by show, message, or daypart. Data is on complete footprint, not just a sample.


Viewers enter their cell phone number and receive custom text reminders to watch their favorite shows, minutes before they air. Viewers can also request a link to download a network’s mobile apps or TV everywhere app as well as connect via social media.


PROMOTIONS+ is currently available in over 5 million homes and projected to reach 43 million homes by year-end 2016, 63 million by year-end 2017 and 80+million by year-end 2018

Ensequence provides a fully emersive interactive television (iTV) experience where viewers can explore premium programming and instantly subscribe by using the television remote control. The branded user experience is delivered via an interactive Premium Upgrade Portal. The portal includes photo galleries, video clips and text informing viewers about shows, programming, etc.  

Instant Upgrade Applications


Performance-driven Promotions

Enabling more effective promotions with interactivity designed to keep viewers connected through mobile alerts.