ADCONNEQT+  Enables viewers to interact with national ads through the press of a button on their TV remote or via their mobile phone. It delivers the best of both worlds…the branding power of television with the functionality and rich metrics of digital ads.

The New Model for Scalable Interactive TV

Transforming Traditional Advertising with Interactive Features, on a National Scale

  • 100% performance-based pricing—only pay for leads, new customers, conversions

  • Leverage existing national TV schedule (make your spots interactive, actionable, and drive TV ROI)

  • Helps acquire new customers, drive loyalty, and build an ongoing communication channel to stay top of mind

  • Support key promotional events and brand KPI’s to help drive sales

  • Zero incremental creative or production fees

  • Unmatched speed to market (programs can launch in less than 1 week)

  • Low bandwidth required from brand/agency

  • Ensequence does all the work … We create overlay enhancements, manage all campaign aspects, and provide reporting across all platforms

Move these up.


Fully transparent reporting on number of overlays rendered, response rates, day parts, and leads delivered.



The scale and branding power of TV with ease and ubiquity of mobile.


Leverage your existing media buy with unprecedented national scale growing to 50 million+ households. 

ADCONNEQT+ For Advertisers

Connecting Advertiser to viewer through interactive overlays. Integrate TV spots to support brand KPIs .

Generate more action from your TV spots.

Exposure to an interactive TV offer increases upper funnel brand metrics, regardless of whether the viewer actually accepts or engages with an offer. Interactive ads also increase likelihood a viewer will purchase or seek additional product info.


ADCONNEQT+ includes a flexible suite of Interactive TV products to support all of your brand objectives and is designed for maximum flexibilty to compliment your brand. 

ADCONNEQT+ For Networks

A growing list of affiliated networks are joining the ranks, offering interactive solutions to advertisers and viewers.

  • Generate new ad revenue without any new ad inventory

  • Modernize your inventory to compete more effectively with digital.

  • It’s easy to deploy. Ensequence manages the whole process.


  • There are no technical or operational requirements - and absolutely no cost to the network.

ADCONNEQT+ For Distributors

Monetize your technology platform by enabling functions valuable to advertisers to generate incremental revenue


  • New ad revenues on inventory you've never been able to monetize 

  • Zero operational involvement or oversight is required. Ensequence manages everything from campaign implementation to fulfillment 

  • No upfront capital or operational cost to scale networks