ADCONNEQT+  enables viewers to interact with national ads through
the press of a button on their TV remote or via their mobile phone. 

Combines the branding power of television,
the benefits of digital, and the ubiquity of mobile


73 affiliated networks and
51 million homes by year end 2017


Digital-like metrics
including customer leads and acquisitions


Executed easily through

Benefits for Advertisers


  • Requires payment only for performance.


  • Strengthens your linear advertising investment.


  • Proves engagement with ads through digital-like metrics.


  • Brands can support all the components of their integrated marketing campaigns on their TV spots linking the viewer directly to special discounts, loyalty program enrolments, sweepstakes signups, app downloads, exclusive video content etc, all on their mobile devices.


  • Requires no technical or operational effort. It’s easy to deploy. Ensequence manages the whole process


  • No incremental production costs.


  • Provides unmatched speed to market. Programs can launch in less than one week.


  • Allows quick testing and execution of copy options without expense and lost time required to change creative.


  • Improves brand awareness, brand recall and propensity to buy regardless of whether the viewer interacts.

Benefits for Networks



  • Generates new ad revenue without new inventory.

  • Modernizes ad inventory to compete more effectively with digital.

  • Easy to deploy. Ensequence manages the whole process

  • Requires no technical or operational effort and costs absolutely nothing. 

  • Requires no sales effort. Ensequence sells the interactive ad products that enhance ad spots you’ve already sold.

  • Reaches millions of homes instantly.